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FoxRenderfarm: The Best Render Farm for CG Artists

FoxRenderfarm: The Best Render Farm for CG Artists


Being a CG artist, you might have learnt a lot of CG tutorials here and enjoyed many animation & VFX breakdown here, it’s time to try yourself and put into practice, but you might find the problem in the final step, it takes ages to render your animation or VFX work with your own computer, so what should you do? The answer is a powerful but affordable render farm in hand, and we are talking about FoxRenderfarm here.

FoxRenderfarm is one of the leading online render farms in the CG industry. It has earned a good reputation for its quality performance, great customer service and flexible pricing scheme since founded in 2009. With the team members from Disney, Lucas, Dreamworks, Sony etc., FoxRenderfarm has served many leading special effects and animation studios from over 50 countries and regions, there are even two Oscar winners included in their customers. And you can find a lot of great worked rendered by FoxRenderfarm here.

Why FoxRenderfarm is the best render farm for CG artists? Here are a few reasons as below:

Professional but easy to use desktop software
FoxRenderfarm supports both webpage and desktop submitting jobs, but the professional desktop software is much easy to use. With its’ drag & drop operating mode, automatically uploading & downloading scenes and images, powerful scene file errors’ checking and analyzing mechanism, it makes the rendering step easier and quicker.




Multiple software and plugins supported
FoxRenderfarm supports most of the popular software and plugins such as 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Blender, Lightwave, Sketchup, V-ray, Arnold, Renderman, MentalRay etc., please check the full list on their official website.

Dedicated technical support
With the Hollywood level production experience for years and proud of being the partner of Oscar winning teams, FoxRenderfarm’s dedicated technical team can help you solve most of the tough problems experienced in rendering your work.

7*24 customer service
Did you experienced the situation of having problems but can not find any help, such scenario would never happen to you if work with FoxRenderfarm, no matter when you met problems on rendering your job, feel free to find them online via email/Skype or make a direct call.

Competitive and flexible pricing scheme
The more and longer you use FoxRenderfarm, the bigger discount you enjoy. As you can see, the VIP 4 pricing scheme is 60% off discount for the ordinary pricing. And with the help of cost estimator, you can easily calculate the approximate cost for rendering the work based on your own computer.




High speed transmission system
With the help of Aspera, a high-speed file transferring tool developed by IBM, the artists can fast transfer the rendering job regardless the file size, distance, network conditions in worldwide. According to the statistics from IBM, Aspera is 1000X speed advantage over traditional TCP transfers on the fastest long-haul networks. Check the following direct comparison of Aspera and FTP for better understanding.



So what you think about FoxRenderfarm? Do you want to have a try and feel it yourself? The good news is that FoxRenderfarm offers $20 free rendering credits for every new register, so feel free to create your account here and enjoy the free credits now.


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Besides the features we mentioned above, you can check more details on their official website. And being a rendering artist, small studio or a free group of CG artists, I would strongly recommend to have a try this rendering service. Thanks.

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