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An interview with top digital character artist Dmitry Gaborak

An interview with top digital character artist Dmitry Gaborak

Dmitry Gaborak is an Award-winning top digital artist with over 11 years of experience work for film and Video-Games. He did contributed to main characters for Warcraft movie, best E3 2014 video game Evolve, Batman Arkham Knight and many others. Recently cgvilla.com took an Interview with him and Today we are happy to present “An interview with top digital character artist Dmitry Gaborak”. Hope that will be inspiring for the readers.


Q 1: Hello Dmitry Gaborak, Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your current job?

Dmitry Gaborak: Hello guys. I was born in Russia, I’m 28 year old. I am 3D Character Artist, working for both videogame and film industries, as well as for toys. I could probably say that I choose to be a character artist naturally since I drew characters and creatures from kindergarden age. I just finished my contract with Industrial Light & Magic Singapore and preparing for a next job 🙂 I prefer to keep it confidential for now , hopefully I will tell you pretty soon.


Q 2: How has your career formed itself so far?

Dmitry Gaborak: It was a long way to go :). I finished 2 fine art schools with highest diploma and my first contribution to a video game project was volunteered to work for some indie developer project. I started work in 2003 when I got my first job in videogame industry, and I am very thankful to my first employer for the first valuable real production experience. Since then I have been travelcling a lot and worked in Russia, China, Arab Emirates, Canada, Singapore. A lot of exciting projects and interesting moments, also I met incredible talented artists ( Pavel savchuk, Michal Kriukow, Alexander Bolushenkov, Dean Wood and many-many others), it was amazing to share experience with them.




Q 3: What is the first project that you did?

Dmitry Gaborak: My very first project was online fantasy game, I already don’t remember the name because it was many years ago and it was a very small project) I was working on a few 3D characters for this game: Angel, Knight and Griphone. It was a very small team with a very small budget. But the very first game helped me grow professionally to bigger projects.


Q 5: Which one is your most favorite 3D Character that you did till now?

Dmitry Gaborak: So far my favorite is No Fear (Fearless) and Robert Downey (Iron man), because i feel that it was the most valuable experience , I learned some very useful techniques and tricks while creating these works, I also was pretty happy with the quality. Now, of course, I can see a lot of things which I want to change and improve them:)






Q 6: According to you what’s the important steps in the process for you when you come to do a 3D Character?

Dmitry Gaborak: I believe that preparation is a very important step. Read technical description carefully and get familiar with project style, also check out some suitable high quality references. I think all these in the end could speed up work and also helps to avoid rework and unnecessary feedbacks which again will save time for artist and for client. Blocking, creating big shapes and silhouette is also very important steps for beginner artists and students who might not pay enough attention on these.






Q 7: You worked for films as well Video Games. Which one you finds more interesting to work for?

Dmitry Gaborak: It’s quite difficult to compare. A lot depends on a studio and particular project but major difference I would say is that for film artist mostly work on part of character or a few shots; for a game there is an opportunity to create full character model, even with textures and shading included. Also production for game more stable and easier to plan which effect smoother schedule, film production can be significantly shorter and have more crunch time (overtime work); final graphic result for film usually always better because there are much lesser characters and it is a pre-render which means a powerful render, effects and heavy post-production.


Q 8: How about a Career scope as a 3D Artist?

Dmitry Gaborak: At this moment both VFX and Game industries (especially big AAA projects) having not the best time though social and mobile games are very successful nowadays. But dont be upset, good professionals always not enough at any time:) Note that a good professional and talented artist are a bit different :).



Q 9: What is the role of modern digital tools and technologies in the design process?

Dmitry Gaborak: Modern digital tools definitely playing a major role in pipeline, specifically it might increase speed in times. For example new 64-bit zbrush version significantly increased available for work polycation which helped to increase details resolution and also save time on model optimisation and topology. There is many other tools like automatically retopology, baking maps, software for creating lods and etc.




Q 10: Which types of characters do you have the most fun creating?

Dmitry Gaborak: For me is fun to work almost on any digital or non-digital character. My favorite is Hi-resolution realistic or slightly stylized human characters with extraordinary, very charismatic face. Also I enjoyed much to work on likeness , body anatomy, clothes, outfit and other elements. Big part of fun comes from working on favorite project and people you work with.




Q 11: What other interests do you have that help influence your work and keep you motivated?

Dmitry Gaborak: I like to watch movies, tv series and play games, both pc and console. It’s fun and at the same time it’s helpful for inspiration, motivation and better understanding of product, which is very important.


Q 12: Which artist inspired you the most?

Dmitry Gaborak: In the world there are a lot of inspiring people, Vitaly Bulgarov is the first who came in my mind. He is very-very well known artist, his art is amazing, one of the best in digital robotic, I’m sure almost everyone heard about him so he does’nt need any introduction here i think 🙂 I know that he came from a very small city in Moldova (very small country) and his example is a good demonstration what person can achieve along by themselves doesn’t matter where they born. We also worked in the same studio.


Q 13: What are you doing next?

Dmitry Gaborak: I have some plans 🙂 Hopefully soon I will public a few new personal artworks, will do a couple workshops in August-September and will join a very talented team for a videogame production. I will update you as soon as it happen 🙂 You can also follow my art facebook page.


Q 14: What is the message that you can give to the young aspirants?

Dmitry Gaborak: Believe in yourself , be active, optimistic (even if in difficult situation) and follow your dreams! Choose what you really want to do doesn’t matter what challenges ahead and you will definitely achieve success.




Website: https://sites.google.com/site/gaborak3d/hirez
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaborak.dmitry

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