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Painting a Realistic Skin Texture Using Mari By Henrique Campanha

Painting a Realistic Skin Texture Using Mari By Henrique Campanha

In more than 3 hours of video material Henrique Campanha will recreate his entire “Josie” image artwork from scratch, showing the step-by-step processes behind the creation of the 17 maps. The course will also feature some background lessons like a brief introduction to Mari, texture cleaning and preparation in Photoshop and other technical explanations, so that everyone can follow the entire course easily.


What’s inside:

19 video lessons + Bonus lessons (*will be added in a few days).
head .obj file
photo references
course description (pdf)



All Lessons


Conceptual lessons that will give student a deep foundation on the skin color theory, characteristics and variations present in cultures across the world.



Lesson 01:

Introduction to Mari Brief overview of the user interface, controls and instructor’s preferred workflow.

Lesson 02:

Texture Cleaning and Preparation How to prepare textures to be used inside Mari. Cleaning Highlights and producing an albedo­like texture.

Lesson 03:

Bit Depths Technical background behind the concept of bit depths and their importance.

Lesson 04:

Diffuse Map How to create a diffuse color channel from a set of photo references.

Lesson 05:

Shallow SSS map How to create the one of the essential SSS components.

Lesson 06:

Mid SSS map The second element needed to build a good SSS skin shader.

Lesson 07:

Deep SSS map The third SSS component and its colors.

Lesson 08:

Deep Mask Controlling deep map influence.

Lesson 09:

Primary Specular map The main specular map, regions and intensities.

Lesson 10:

Secondary Specular map Enhancing facial features and reflections.

Lesson 11:

Glossy map Tight vs broad reflections.

Lesson 12:

Bump Map Augmenting high frequency details.

Lesson 13:

Displacement textures Preparing Surface Mimic’s* textures to be used inside Mari.

Lesson 14:

Displacement Map Creating a full displacement map based on textures from previous lesson.

Lesson 15:

Eyes Diffuse map Iris and Sclera color map.

Lesson 16:

Eyes Specular map Giving life to the eyes.

Lesson 17:

Eyes Bump map Adding volume to veins and iris.



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