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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (Polyphemus Head Test)

Before we take an animatronic on set, we give it as much testing as possible. In the case of Polyphemus from PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS, we recorded our own in-house dialog from the script and pre-programmed the lip sync. By the time we shot, the script had changed. Much of the character’s dialogue and action would not be settled on until post-production. The result is a heavily digital character. Here’s our version.


Animatronic Test of Creepy Puppet in The Vampire’s Assistant/”Cirque du Freak”

Animatronic heads aren’t cheap, but sometimes we get a chance to build one as a test. Sometimes the results are creepy. Sometimes they’re funny. This test for THE VAMPIRE’S ASSISTANT (aka CIRQUE DU FREAK) is a cool mix of both. We thought you might get a kick out of it. Although successful, ultimately it was decided that this character much smaller than any little person, so in the end it was digital.


Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Agrius Animatronic Test

We jump at the chance to create animatronic characters. Here’s another beautiful head mech by ADI Animatronics Designer Dave Penikas. Note the extended neck joint on top of Tom Woodruff, Jr.’s skullcap. This thing was awesome!


My Favorite Martian Hydraulic Body Test

For the feature version of My Favorite Martian, we designed and built this heavily-functioned torso, head and face for Christopher Lloyd’s title character when he wasn’t in human guise, which was completed with a silicone skin. And no, we didn’t get to attach antennas to the original Uncle Martin, Ray Walston.


World’s Biggest Animatronic Baby World Expo, 2010 Shanghai

Creating a 20 foot tall animatronic baby for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai was a new challenge for ADI. We’re used to working short term wonders for movies, but a character that needs to perform 10 hours a day for 10 months is a different animal. Add to that the logistics of working with an international crew and installing in China. Still, there were no complications and the delivery was easy, despite that Baby Miguelin had a one ton head!


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